Lady Emma

Here is the Thames motor canoe “Lady Emma” in her element. She was built 92 years ago by Andrews of Maidenhead and I finished re-building her in June this year. The hull is planked in Mahogany copper fastened to steam bent Oak frames, the decks and fit-out are also in Mahogany with an Alaskan Yellow Cedar floor. Instead of the little petrol engine she had when she was built in 1926 she now has a silent 2Kw electric motor and a battery pack so she can cruise all day, peacefully.

“Lady Emma” is probably one of the most beautiful, elegant motor canoes I have ever come across. The hull has been completely re-built with only the original planking above the waterline and some of the keel remaining. I have interpreted the 1920’s style to accommodate the modern propulsion system and given some subtle detail to the layout and style of the seating and controls.

The video is the work of Michael English, helped by my good friend Peter Jones who provided the “aircraft carrier” for Mikes drone operations. The special music has been composed and played by my daughter Megan Henwood, it was recorded at Henwood Studios.

Mike English's website
Megan Henwood's website

A book about the story of re-building “Lady Emma”, called “Lady Emma’s Diary” by Martin Preston, will be published soon.